Dynamical hp-mesh with SMOVE

Here is an example of a dynamically adapted hp-mesh using SMOVE. I presented the example at the SCEE conference in Sep 2012. The respective slides can be found here.

Press Click To Play and allow for some seconds caching time. If the video doesn’t work (Quicktime plugin required + there appears to be a problem with Firefox) please use one of these direct video links [FLV lo-res (3.4 MB)] [FLV hi-res (14 MB)] [GIF lo-res (3.4 MB)] [GIF hi-res (8.7 MB)].

The top panel shows the y-component of the electric field, below is the estimated element error, next is the adaptation flag (-2: irreducible, -1: reduce, 0: fine, 1: refine, 2: non-refinable) and last is the hp-mesh using embedded triangles for visualizing the tensor product orders (cf. Demkowicz, Solin). The adaptation strategy is HP_ANISO, i.e., allowing for anisotropic refinement in the mesh step size and the polynomial order. The computation and adaptation is done in a three-dimensional domain, the visualizations show cut views.

After finding the initial mesh the mesh step sizes, h, and elementwise approximation orders, p, are adapted autonomously such that the prescribed error tolerance of 1E-5 is met throughout the time-domain simulation (see below or page 70 of the talk).


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