Paper on Error-Driven Dynamical hp-Meshes for the Discontinuous Galerkin Method in Time-Domain

My paper on error-driven dynamical hp-meshes for DG in the time-domain was accepted for publication in the Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. The paper abstract reads:

An hp-adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Method for electromagnetic wave propagation phenomena in the time-domain is proposed. The method is highly efficient and allows for the first time the adaptive full-wave simulation of large, time-dependent problems in three-dimensional space. Refinement is performed anisotropically in the approximation order p and the mesh step size h regardless of the resulting level of hanging nodes. For guiding the adaptation process a variant of the concept of reference solutions with largely reduced computational costs is proposed. The computational mesh is adapted such that a given error tolerance is respected throughout the entire time-domain simulation.

For examples of dynamical hp-meshes see this post or this one. Please find the paper here on the JCAM website.

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