Book Chapter on the Power of Trefftz Approximations published

Fritz Kretzschmar, Herbert Egger, Farzad Ahmadi, Nabil Nowak, Vadim A. Markel, Igor Tsukerman and myself contributed a chapter entitled

The Power of Trefftz Approximations: Finite Difference, Boundary Difference and Discontinuous Galerkin Methods; Nonreflecting Conditions and Non-Asymptotic Homogenization

to the book Finite Difference Methods,Theory and Applications Volume 9045 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceThe abstract reads

In problems of mathematical physics, Trefftz approximations by definition involve functions that satisfy the differential equation of the problem. The power and versatility of such approximations is illustrated with an overview of a number of application areas: (i) finite difference Trefftz schemes of arbitrarily high order; (ii) boundary difference Trefftz methods analogous to boundary integral equations but completely singularity-free; (iii) Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) Trefftz methods for Maxwell’s electrodynamics; (iv) numerical and analytical nonreflecting Trefftz boundary conditions; (v) non-asymptotic homogenization of electromagnetic and photonic metamaterials.

Please find the chapter online.

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