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My name is Sascha Schnepp and I live in Zurich, Switzerland. From 1998 to 2004, I studied Electrical Engineering with a focus on Maxwell Theory at the Technical University Darmstadt and received a PhD from the same university in 2009. My PhD advisor was Prof. T. Weiland, then chair of the Computational Electromagnetics Lab (TEMF). Afterwards, I joined the Graduate School of Computational Engineering, where I formed and headed the Computational Electromagnetics Group.

See the research page for more details.

In my private blog you can follow (some of) the things I like to do in my free time. There you might read about traveling, my dog, the music I like (if you ever happen to visit me in my office, you’ll most probably find me with my headphones on), and other things.

… this webpage

Before starting this webpage, I had (and have) a staff page at the Computational Electromagnetics Lab (TEMF) and another staff page at the Graduate School CE. Meanwhile, a third staff page at ETH Zurich had joined the collection and I thought it was time to create something more sustainable – so here it is.

If you hit the reload button a couple of times the photo in the page header will change. The photos there have been taken during trips to Tibet and Nepal, Iceland, Australia, South East Asia and some others. In one of them you can see me jumping the 8,000 m/26,000 ft  Shishapangma with no problems whatsoever 😉

Some of the pages (like this one) but not all of them have the option to leave nice or interesting comments (I reserve the right to define what’s nice or interesting though). The website makes use of mail address obfuscation. It should be reasonably safe to leave your address in comments. If you like something you see or read hit the sharing button of your choice.

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