SMOVE  1.5.0
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oC_BunchStatsBunch statistics
oC_CellPlaneProperties of plane cells in a z-plane
oC_ExtCellCell with extended information
oC_GridLineTransProperties of the transversal gridlines
oC_MovingWindowProperties of the optional moving window
oC_SMOVEBBoxEnlarged GtsBBox
oC_SMOVEBunchParameter of a Bunch
oC_SMOVECellCell prototype with DoF and material properties
oC_SMOVEDistribDefinition of a distriubtion
oC_SMOVEEmitterDefinition of an emitter
oC_SMOVEFarfieldRCSA SMOVE Farfield/RCS structure
oC_SMOVEFarfieldRCSPatchAn integration patch on a SMOVEFarfieldRCS surface
oC_SMOVEFilterDefinition of a Current Filter
oC_SMOVEGridGeneral information about the grid
oC_SMOVEGridCellUnstructed grid cell prototype
oC_SMOVEHPCandidateA SMOVE HP candidate
oC_SMOVEHPReferenceSolutionA SMOVE HP reference solution
oC_SMOVEHPStrategyThe SMOVE HP refinement strategy
oC_SMOVEModelParameter of a model
oC_SMOVEMultipoleDefinition of multipole structure
oC_SMOVEODEIntegratorGeneral declaration of an ODE integrator container
oC_SMOVEODEIntegratorSchemeGeneral declaration of an ODE integrator scheme
oC_SMOVEOutputCollection of output data information
oC_SMOVEParticleParameter of a Particle
oC_SMOVEPortDescribes a waveguide port
oC_SMOVESampleEmitter sample
oC_SMOVEShapeParameter of a shape
oC_SMOVESolverSMOVESolver contains information required for the time-domain solver
oC_SMOVETF_SFDescribes a total field-scattered field interface
oC_SpeciesFull characterization of particle species
oC_VandermondeDefinition of a Vandermonde matrix
\CSMOVEShapePropsParameter of a shape