Paper on a DG Trefftz Method in Time-Domain

Fritz Kretzschmar, Igor Tsukerman and started working on a novel DG method using a Trefftz-type basis in time-domain. The method is formulated in a space-time FE setting and provides high order approximations in both, space and time, where the high order accuracy in time comes at no extra costs in terms in degrees of freedom. We demonstrated spectral convergence over the full space-time domain.

You can get the preprint on arXiv.

Participation in the Electromagnetics — Modelling, Simulation, Control and Industrial Applications Workshop at WIAS, Berlin

The workshop takes place May 13 – 17, 2013 at WIAS, Berlin.

My talk will have the title
“Approaches to Time-Domain Electromagnetics with the Discontinuous Galerkin Method”
and will outline hp-adaptive meshes for DG time-domain and our new DG Trefftz method.

Adaptive Simulation of a Folded Patch Antenna with Dynamical hp-meshes

This is another example of a dynamically adapted hp-mesh using SMOVE. The example is part of a paper I will submit soon (preprint link). It shows a triple slot patch antenna. The structure is included in the examples of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO.

To view the video, depending on your browser and platform either press Click To Play or just click the picture and allow for some seconds caching time. If the video doesn’t work (Quicktime plugin required + there appears to be a problem with Firefox) please use one of these direct video links [FLV lo-res (2.9 MB)] [FLV hi-res (9.2 MB)] [GIF lo-res (3.5 MB)] [GIF hi-res (9.2 MB)].


The absolute value of the electric field is on the left and the hp-mesh using embedded triangles for visualizing the tensor product orders (cf. Demkowicz, Solin) is on the right. The adaptation strategy is HP_ANISO, i.e., allowing for anisotropic refinement in the mesh step size and the polynomial order. The computation and adaptation is done in a three-dimensional domain. The viewplane is located at the bottom of the antenna substrate.

Electric farfield in the azimuth plane.

Electric farfield in the elevation plane.

Mini-symposium at FEMTEC 2013 in Las Vegas

Stéphane Lanteri and me are organizing a mini-symposium at the upcoming FEMTEC 2013 in Las Vegas. The focus is on “Advances in Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for complex wave propagation problems”.

If you are interested in presenting your work, send an email to Stephane or me.

UPDATE (Jan 11, 2013):
Confirmed speakers up to now are