Paper on a DG Trefftz Method in Time-Domain

Fritz Kretzschmar, Igor Tsukerman and started working on a novel DG method using a Trefftz-type basis in time-domain. The method is formulated in a space-time FE setting and provides high order approximations in both, space and time, where the high order accuracy in time comes at no extra costs in terms in degrees of freedom. We demonstrated spectral convergence over the full space-time domain.

You can get the preprint on arXiv.

Participation in the Electromagnetics — Modelling, Simulation, Control and Industrial Applications Workshop at WIAS, Berlin

The workshop takes place May 13 – 17, 2013 at WIAS, Berlin.

My talk will have the title
“Approaches to Time-Domain Electromagnetics with the Discontinuous Galerkin Method”
and will outline hp-adaptive meshes for DG time-domain and our new DG Trefftz method.

CEM Group at the SCEE Conference

Fritz Kretzschmar and myself will attend the SCEE conference in Zurich, Switzerland, September 11 – 14, 2012. Fritz will present his work on a novel Discontinuous Galerkin Trefftz-type method for time-domain electromagnetics simulations. I was given the change to contribute with a keynote talk and will summarize my efforts regarding dynamic hp-adaptivity for the Discontinuous Galerkin method.